'No plans at all' for Twisted Metal's future

What will happen to Twisted Metal after David Jaffe and Eat Sleep Play ship it this week? Not much, it appears. The outspoken developer, who plans on leaving the Twisted Metal team next month, admitted that there are "no plans" for the franchise's future.

"I always thought it was going to be a great game," Jaffe said in a recent interview. "But we weren't nursing these illusions that we were making Call of Duty in terms of sales. If it's a big enough hit I'm sure Sony won't let it wither on the vine. But right now there are no plans at all."

"There's no DLC plans, there's no sequel or expansion plans," Jaffe told Game Informer. "We have to wait and see how it does."

The lack of post-release content would be an oddity for an online title this generation. While some fans may criticize the cost of continued online play, there's no denying that expansion packs can not only generate additional revenue--but continue sustaining a community's interest in a game. What will happen to Twisted Metal if the game ships without DLC support?

Jaffe says that his departure from Eat Sleep Play came from the team's desire to move out of the console games space. "Scott [Campbell] and I wanted to make different games," he said. "Scott has been itching to get into iPhone and Android games for a while... but I'm very interested in the browser space as well as the next-gen space."

After Twisted Metal ships, Jaffe plans on building a new team in San Diego to be focused on either next-gen development, or a browser-based action game. If Jaffe does get an opportunity to work on a console game, he notes that "anybody who knows who I am knows who I am because of the kindness and faith of Sony. So I'm certainly loyal to that company. If they would like to have me I'd be honored and grateful to work with them."

But he adds: "I've always been very open about being an Xbox and Nintendo fan, too. It's more to the point about who’s the right partner. But again it's very new. The equivalent is something like just logging into my new online dating account. I just signed up. There's nothing right now."