Twisted Metal promotion blows up Sweet Tooth's truck

In what's one of the more violently-creative promotional tie-ins we've seen in quite a while, developer Eat Sleep Play's co-founder and Twisted Metal creator David Jaffe is promising fans a chance to destroy stuff. Specifically, fans can sign up for a chance to remotely fire M249-SAW machine guns at the real-life version of the ice cream truck driven by Sweet Tooth, the game's fire-haired, clown-faced antagonist.

"That's right, we've hooked these guns up to a satellite so you can control them remotely from your computer," states the developer on the official PlayStation Blog. "Yes, you read that correctly. You can shoot a real gun with real bullets at a real truck from your computer, in a crazy, two-day, shoot-till-the-truck-goes-up-in-a-gigantic-ball-of-flames-style internet spectacular."

Interested parties can head over to shootmytruck.com to sign up for a chance to pull the trigger on one of gaming's most iconic vehicles.

Twisted Metal releases exclusively for PlayStation 3 next week on Valentine's Day.

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