Weekend Confirmed 97 - Nintendo 3DS and Wii U plans, FF13-2, Dustforce

By Garnett Lee, Jan 27, 2012 2:30pm PST

With the holiday lull drawing to a close, Jeff returns to the cast just in time for Xav's last show as an official Shacker. Ariel Angelotti and Christian Spicer also join the show making this a fearsome fivesome with Garnett. There's plenty on the table, too, with Ariel sharing her experience with the Japanese version of Final Fantasy XIII-2 in advance of its US release next week, news from Nintendo's financial briefing including an update on 3DS and Wii U plans, budding love for Dustforce, Insomniac's farewell to Resistance, and more making the time fly by to the wrap-up with Finishing Moves.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 97: 01/27/2012

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  • I was very happy to hear that Ariel liked Bayonetta (even if commentary on it did get shuffled off to Finishing Moves due to time constraints). I remember a few shows ago she said that she was going to play it, and I thought to myself, "Okay, the things that may disgust her are the introduction scene for Joy, and then the Joy torture attack with the wooden horse." So when Ariel started describing the "one across-the-line moment", I started saying, "Yeah, I think I know what this is; is this about Joy?...Joy torture attack? Yeah! I know that moment!" (laughter for 15 seconds). That was certainly part of why Bayonetta got a CERO D rating in Japan. I remember the first run through the game, when I'd died in the first Joy fight, but then built up enough magic, and said, "Okay, I've had enough of you; it's Torture Attack time!" Then suddenly I see Bayonetta summon a wooden horse and a chain whip, and I think, "Wait, is she going to use that to... yup, she's going there... keep hitting square... okay, that was over the top. Moving on..."

    I was bummed at the motorcycle and missile stages getting called "horrible" by Garnett and Ariel. They were a drastic departure from the core fighting mechanic, but they were also homages to Sega classics. The motorcycle part ("Route 666", Chapter 8, Verse 3) is an homage to Out Run (specifically the low-angle 3rd-person motorcycle racing perspective) and After Burner (the music is a remix of the After Burner II theme). I had played almost no Sega games back in the 80's and 90's, but the one that I did play was arcade version of Space Harrier (though not very long; I kept getting hit by shots). The first two verses of Chapter 14 ("Isla Del Sol") are a full-on recreation of the first stage of Space Harrier. I was confused the first time I saw the intro, but as soon as Bayonetta conjured up a headset and said, "Get ready!", I thought, "I know that! That's from Space Harrier! Awesome!". I had to change the controls to normal Y-axis (you can do it for this stage in the settings menu), and you have to dodge enemy shots, but hey, in the original Space Harrier, you couldn't dodge anything or fire magic hair stiletto heel missiles.

    Platinum's gradually translating a series of videos with Hideki Kamiya playing through Bayonetta with commentary on production. The latest episode is at http://platinumgames.com/2012/01/23/bayonetta-developer-commentary-part-42/ , and it's a really nice one in Chapter 12 ("The Broken Sky"), with a cinematic and a fight against Jeanne.

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    • Slight typo; the motorcycle part in Route 666 is an homage to Hang-On. There are Out Run songs used in the game (Enzo's car radio is playing Magical Sound Shower in the Prologue, and Chapter 8 Verse 1 starts with a remix of Splash Wave).

      Also, the Space Harrier part in Chapter 14 gets far easier in Very Easy mode, since the enemies shoot at you far less often. It's also an easy way to get the "Fire the Afterburners" achievement (score Platinum in verses 1 and 2 of Chapter 14).

      I just played through Chapter 14 in Very Easy tonight; came one scrape short of Pure Platinum'ing the Jeanne fight. I have to say that the Razer Onza controller makes it really easy to stay reactive to all the zany stuff, especially some of the "catch a missile and throw it back" QTEs (those are awesome when you time it perfectly).