Weekend Confirmed 97 - Nintendo 3DS and Wii U plans, FF13-2, Dustforce

By Garnett Lee, Jan 27, 2012 2:30pm PST

With the holiday lull drawing to a close, Jeff returns to the cast just in time for Xav's last show as an official Shacker. Ariel Angelotti and Christian Spicer also join the show making this a fearsome fivesome with Garnett. There's plenty on the table, too, with Ariel sharing her experience with the Japanese version of Final Fantasy XIII-2 in advance of its US release next week, news from Nintendo's financial briefing including an update on 3DS and Wii U plans, budding love for Dustforce, Insomniac's farewell to Resistance, and more making the time fly by to the wrap-up with Finishing Moves.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 97: 01/27/2012

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  • I like the discussion on I Am Alive's A.I. and its possibilities.

    I really hope with next-gen consoles, developers put more emphasis on artificial intelligence. I feel like there's greater opportunities to have a conceptually interesting game when A.I. is one of the highest factors in design. Just look at the Brothers in Arms series and the success it had early on. It would be more or less irrelevant if that game carried an A.I. system similar to Call of Duty or most shooters on the market.

    On the flip side of that, we justly criticize Skyrim for it's combat system because its A.I. is, like most games, standard; it performs all the necessary functions, but at their most basic level. All the enemies just attack you head on. There's no real differentiating in the various types of enemies other than them either attacking you from afar (dragons, bow-casters, mages, etc.) or attacking you up close. And unfortunately, that's probably Skyrim's greatest weakness.

    Just coming off the heels of finishing Batman: Arkham City, I can honestly say that that game has the greatest combat system of all time, not only do to the fluidity and overall badassness of the combat, but the A.I. And this is where I feel that Rocksteady's Batman is sort of under-appreciated. For the most part, the A.I. doesn't stand around and wait to be attacked. They'll come at you while you're beating up one of their helpless comrades, they'll pick up a stronger weapon if one is near, and they'll sometimes cower for mercy if they're the last one standing. I mean, it wasn't completely exceptional A.I. but it was a small, yet important piece that is too often overlooked in games.