Zynga buys four mobile devs

Zynga has continued its spending spree, snatching up four mobile developers over the last few months. Those include Gamedoctors, Page44 Studios, HipLogic, and AstroApe. Zynga declined to discuss the terms of the various deals, including the money that changed hands.

Reuters reports that the studios span cities all across the US and the world, with a wide swath of developed titles. Gamedoctors in Germany made ZombieSmash, while Page44 handled the iOS port of World of Goo. HipLogic is from San Francisco and AstroApe is in New York. The acquisitions took place between August and December.

Zynga has been making aggressive moves in buying studios and bringing in new talent. The Wall Street Journal recently reported that the aggressive moves make for a high-risk game that could prove to be a liability.