Deadlight announced for Xbox 360

"Cinematic puzzle platformer" Deadlight is to be published by Microsoft Studios exclusively on Xbox Live Arcade this summer, developer Tequila Works announced today. While the Spanish studio makes no mention of 'the Z-word,' one can't help but notice the humanoids shambling around screenshots of its debut game have a certain disheveled air. "In an apocalyptic world where there is no reason to exist, a man crosses the American west coast," Tequila explains in the announcement. "Surviving is much more than a daily routine..." And that's about all they have to say, so pore over the screenshots to see what's going on. "XBLA is the perfect platform for unique AAA bets with a character of their own. We want to create something truly special for Xbox 360," Tequila CEO Raúl Rubio said in the announcement. Tequila boasts veterans who've worked on projects including Diablo III, the Commandos series, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, and Heavy Rain. The price is yet to be announced.

Shambling, human-ish things milling around