Dead Island DLC tells Ryder White's tale

If you enjoyed zombie shooter-RPG Dead Island but wish you could've heard more of the dodgy Australian accent of antagonist Ryder White, you're in luck. The naughty Colonel will be playable in a new downloadable content campaign, promising "several hours of story content." The eponymous 'Ryder White' DLC will, according to publisher Deep Silver, painting the Aussie in a new light, letting players "learn more about his motivations and why, from his point of view, he did what he had to do." You see, he's not just a "military man," he's also "a loving husband." If you're not that bothered about the story and simply want to kill more zombies, though, there'll also be two new blueprints and weapons for your murdering pleasure. Ryder White is slated to hit PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation on February 1 at $10 (800 MS Points).