The Binding of Isaac 'mega expansion' incoming

A "mega expansion" is in the works for Edmund McMillen and Florian Himsl's punishing RPG shooter The Binding of Isaac Due in the first half of the year for $3, "Wrath of the Lamb" will bring "more of everything plus a few new extras here and there." McMillen explained across a string of messages on Twitter and Formspring that Wrath of the Lamb is "only a few days into production" and so won't be out "for months," but it's already overflowing with ideas. There will be a "new true final boss," extra items including "trinkets"--a new type of item which give passive bonuses when held--and "at least 5" new toe-tapping tracks from BoI music man Danny B. McMillen also recently revealed that a publisher has expressed interest in bringing The Binding of Isaac to Nintendo 3DS, though it first wants to make sure Nintendo would actually allow such a delightfully crude and unpleasant game. McMillen has released a single teasing screenshot from the early days of development, saying "I cut some spoilers out but a few new additions remain!"

The Binding of Isaac: Wrath of the Lamb