Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus added to Vita launch line-up

Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus, a port of the PlayStation 3 game, will be released alongside the PlayStation Vita on February 22. The game was previously only committed to the "launch window," but today's announcement puts it squarely on launch day.

The announcement mentions that the port will take advantage of the Vita's suite of features. You can use the gyro sensor to target enemies and shoot projectiles, and the rear touch pad to launch stronger Ninpo. Hero Mode gives players auto-guard and evasion assists along with enhanced Ninpo techniques to make it easier to experience the story. More experienced ninjas are promised Normal and Hard styles, plus more difficulty settings if you really just hate your fingers.

"The Ninja Gaiden series lends itself to a great experience on this amazing new platform," said studio head Yosuke Hayashi in the announcement. "We're confident that gamers, both our fans and those new to the series, will find Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus to be a thrilling and challenging experience that lives up to the spirit of what the series is best known for while offering a host of new and portable gameplay mechanics."