Weekend Confirmed 94 - Vita Japanese launch slows, SWTOR, 2012 predictions

By Garnett Lee, Jan 06, 2012 11:00am PST

Recovered from the holidays, Xav and Jeff join Garnett for the first Weekend Confirmed of 2012. The year kicks off with a special guest in the fourth chair, prolific videogame voice actor Zach Hanks. If you've played a game in the past few months, you've almost certainly heard his work. He gives a unique look inside the voice acting that breathes life into videogame characters. He's also a gamer, and holds nothing back as the conversation go on to consider the rapidly dwindling sales of the PlayStation Vita only weeks after its launch in Japan, games we've been playing like Star Wars the Old Republic, the announcement of new action strategy XCOM game, and a few more thoughts on what 2012 may hold. The group gets so involved they talk right past Finishing Moves, but there's a little time left for Jeff to savor his season win in the football tailgate and get in to the playoff spirit.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 94: 01/06/2012

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Thanks to our special guest, voice actor and director, Zach Hanks (Zach Hanks on IMDB).

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  • The thing that the next gen of consoles needs that this gen was lacking is reliability.

    There were far too many breakdowns of the 360 and far too many updates from Sony which bricked PS3s.

    Consoles need to be functional, not overly technical.

    Also, stop forcing me to install every damn game I buy. It's a royal pain to insert a new game and have to wait ten minutes to play it.

    Thread Truncated. Click to see all 2 replies.

    • Sadly that issue isn't limited to gaming hardware. A systemic issue with 6 sigma and Toyota organized manufacturing issues that allows for statistical analaysis of quality instead of physical inspection of every product that goes in a box. This means they are assuming that there will always be issues and as long as they are statistically low it's monetarily acceptable. (Probably this doesn't cover the XBox RRoD situation since that was a systemic design issue and of a scope that no one could have realized)

      What manufactures of all sorts haven't adjusted to the new socially aware and internet active consumers. In the past the average consumer had no voice when their purchase turned out to be one of the statistical hits of poor construction. Now every consumer can get on his own loud speaker and get his story out there. I mean the PS2 was a piece of crap. I think I owned three of those at various time due to hardware failure. In the ninties I didn't really have any way to get my voice out except to my local friends or the small online footprint I had at the time. Now I can interact directly with the press like our friends here at shack.

      The future needs to be more of a customer service approach more then anything else. I don't think we are ever going to get to the point where the launch of a major electronics device goes without some dead or malfuntioning product. These companies need to be way more on top of the situation and have a process for submitting and dealing with faulty units in a fast and clean way. They need to have consumers go from "I"m so pissed about this busted thing" to "I'm amazed that sony turned around a new unit to me in X days" as fast as possible.