Weekend Confirmed 92 - Holiday Special

By Garnett Lee, Dec 23, 2011 11:00am PST

Join us as for our Weekend Confirmed holiday special as we head into this long weekend. Insomniac's James Stevenson and game developer Ariel Angelotti join Xav, Jeff, and Garnett for the festivities. Many of you shared stories of your videogame memories from the season which we enjoy retelling with you throughout the show. We also get to talk about some of the games we've been playing like Alan Wake American Nightmare and Star Wars the Old Republic. There's even a little news as we check in on the release of the PlayStation Vita in Japan and the big Steam sale's contest that will see one lucky gamer win the entire catalog on the service. We even remember to get in finishing moves and our end of the season football tailgate.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 92: 12/23/2011

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  • New Holiday Story to share with everyone

    (this might turn into a Nintendo rant... you've been warned)

    For the past 4 years, my wife and I have enjoyed playing Mario Kart DS together. It has become one of our favorite past times. Since one of our DS systems died early this year, I figured now might be a nice time to surprise my wife with a new 3DS and Mario Kart 7. I went out early boxing day morning and picked up 2 3DS consoles and 2 copies of Mario Kart 7.

    When I got home, my wife was still asleep in bed. I woke her up while holding the box for her new 3DS in front of her face. She giggled and jumped out of bed so we could play our new game together. It was great.

    What followed after was not so great.

    1st, my wife's copy of Mario Kart refused to recognize her profile name for some reason. Rather than listing her name in the online scoreboards, it calls her "Player". We tried swapping copies of the game, and both copies recognize my profile name without any problems. No big deal, but disappointing to her.

    Then she wanted to create her own custom logo for her car, like she could in Mario Kart DS. When we discovered that you can't do this in Mario Kart 7, she was again a little disappointed.

    Then we went to race together. Mario Kart DS gave us a great range of custom options for multiplayer. We could select how many AI drivers to compete against, the speed of the cars (50,100, or 150cc), the difficulty level of the AI, team races, etc.

    We were then surprised to find that Mario Kart 7 gives you none of these options. You can select the speed, but this also effects the difficulty. This means that we could only play against "easy" opponents if we selected the lowest speed. My wife found this confusing, since she's good enough at Mario Kart to enjoy the faster speeds, but wanted to play against easy opponents while she learned the new tracks.

    No big deal. We start racing. My wife asks if she can use the d-pad to drive instead of the circle pad. She just prefers using the d-pad. So I try to pause the game and find an options menu. This lead to our next surprise: You can't PAUSE Mario Kart 7 during a local multiplayer race!!! Seriously, who the fuck at Nintendo thought this would be a good idea? I understand removing the pause function during online play, during local play? If my wife or I want to go get a drink in the middle of a game, WE CAN'T DO IT. Even after the race has ended, the next race automatically starts after a short countdown. This means we can't play together unless we can commit to an entire 4-race GP without interruption.

    So we quit out of the race, hoping to find an "Options" menu at the main screen so we can tweak the controller settings. Another surprise: THERE IS NO OPTIONS MENU!.

    After all this, my wife and I decided to put Mario Kart DS into our new 3DS's and play our old favorite together. I'm glad to have a 3DS, because I want to play Ocarina of Time, Star Fox, and a few other titles. My wife, however, is so frustrated by the stupid thing she would just return it if she could.

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