Weekend Confirmed 92 - Holiday Special

By Garnett Lee, Dec 23, 2011 11:00am PST

Join us as for our Weekend Confirmed holiday special as we head into this long weekend. Insomniac's James Stevenson and game developer Ariel Angelotti join Xav, Jeff, and Garnett for the festivities. Many of you shared stories of your videogame memories from the season which we enjoy retelling with you throughout the show. We also get to talk about some of the games we've been playing like Alan Wake American Nightmare and Star Wars the Old Republic. There's even a little news as we check in on the release of the PlayStation Vita in Japan and the big Steam sale's contest that will see one lucky gamer win the entire catalog on the service. We even remember to get in finishing moves and our end of the season football tailgate.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 92: 12/23/2011

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  • Firstly, the Xbox 360 interface needs to copy Amazon (and Valve copying Amazon) and have a system to recommend games based on the games you in particular have played and liked. Preferably a system that would be source-agnostic, including recommendations for retail, games-on-demand, XBLA and Indie games in the same interface.

    Secondly, the wimmins in games discussion was so scattered and undirected I don't think it went anywhere meaningful. If you're going to discuss such a vast and contentious topic you really ought to try to have some kind of focus.

    Thirdly, tangentially related to the wimmins in games discussion, I find it baffling and irritating when people say things like "we are in an industry that makes exclusively summer action movies". Yes, the parts of both industries that are driven by over the top violence are driven by over the top violence, but does that mean that all the other games out there are just chopped liver? Yeah, they're not being advertised on TV and on the sides of public transportation like Skyrim, but neither are the overwhelming majority of movies. Don't confuse marketing spending with reality.

    Also, just because someone doesn't identify as a "gamer" doesn't mean that they don't play video and computer games. Windows Solitaire is a video game. Bejeweled is a video game.

    There are far more male "hardcore gamers" than female ones, but that's because "hardcore gamer" is precisely and exactly defined in terms of games that male gamers play. You can sink just as many hours into non-"hardcore" games, get just as far into the details, jargon, strategy, etc, but because they don't have guns or swords in them they're not "hardcore" and people who play them aren't "hardcore". It's a circular definition.