Weekend Confirmed 92 - Holiday Special

By Garnett Lee, Dec 23, 2011 11:00am PST

Join us as for our Weekend Confirmed holiday special as we head into this long weekend. Insomniac's James Stevenson and game developer Ariel Angelotti join Xav, Jeff, and Garnett for the festivities. Many of you shared stories of your videogame memories from the season which we enjoy retelling with you throughout the show. We also get to talk about some of the games we've been playing like Alan Wake American Nightmare and Star Wars the Old Republic. There's even a little news as we check in on the release of the PlayStation Vita in Japan and the big Steam sale's contest that will see one lucky gamer win the entire catalog on the service. We even remember to get in finishing moves and our end of the season football tailgate.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 92: 12/23/2011

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  • I'm a week behind on episodes, so I've just listened to this one, but I hope Garnett or somebody checks this out. I hate to bring this heavy shit to the table but I think it's important. Yesterday I read an article regarding the treatment of women on the Internet that made me think twice about the jokes that were made in introduction to the "girl gamer" section of the show. Please check it out, here:


    Now, this is an extreme example, not specific to gaming, but to reddit, but I'm sure there's a lot of crossover there. I know that the men on the panel are not bad people as in that story, and I'm not condemning them in any way; I've made similar jokes in the past. However, this particular article made me realize that we might be feeding into this negative culture unknowingly. I'm not trying to bring anyone down, but hoped you might stop and think about it. Am I off-base here?

  • New Holiday Story to share with everyone

    (this might turn into a Nintendo rant... you've been warned)

    For the past 4 years, my wife and I have enjoyed playing Mario Kart DS together. It has become one of our favorite past times. Since one of our DS systems died early this year, I figured now might be a nice time to surprise my wife with a new 3DS and Mario Kart 7. I went out early boxing day morning and picked up 2 3DS consoles and 2 copies of Mario Kart 7.

    When I got home, my wife was still asleep in bed. I woke her up while holding the box for her new 3DS in front of her face. She giggled and jumped out of bed so we could play our new game together. It was great.

    What followed after was not so great.

    1st, my wife's copy of Mario Kart refused to recognize her profile name for some reason. Rather than listing her name in the online scoreboards, it calls her "Player". We tried swapping copies of the game, and both copies recognize my profile name without any problems. No big deal, but disappointing to her.

    Then she wanted to create her own custom logo for her car, like she could in Mario Kart DS. When we discovered that you can't do this in Mario Kart 7, she was again a little disappointed.

    Then we went to race together. Mario Kart DS gave us a great range of custom options for multiplayer. We could select how many AI drivers to compete against, the speed of the cars (50,100, or 150cc), the difficulty level of the AI, team races, etc.

    We were then surprised to find that Mario Kart 7 gives you none of these options. You can select the speed, but this also effects the difficulty. This means that we could only play against "easy" opponents if we selected the lowest speed. My wife found this confusing, since she's good enough at Mario Kart to enjoy the faster speeds, but wanted to play against easy opponents while she learned the new tracks.

    No big deal. We start racing. My wife asks if she can use the d-pad to drive instead of the circle pad. She just prefers using the d-pad. So I try to pause the game and find an options menu. This lead to our next surprise: You can't PAUSE Mario Kart 7 during a local multiplayer race!!! Seriously, who the fuck at Nintendo thought this would be a good idea? I understand removing the pause function during online play, during local play? If my wife or I want to go get a drink in the middle of a game, WE CAN'T DO IT. Even after the race has ended, the next race automatically starts after a short countdown. This means we can't play together unless we can commit to an entire 4-race GP without interruption.

    So we quit out of the race, hoping to find an "Options" menu at the main screen so we can tweak the controller settings. Another surprise: THERE IS NO OPTIONS MENU!.

    After all this, my wife and I decided to put Mario Kart DS into our new 3DS's and play our old favorite together. I'm glad to have a 3DS, because I want to play Ocarina of Time, Star Fox, and a few other titles. My wife, however, is so frustrated by the stupid thing she would just return it if she could.

  • In honor of the HD rerelease of Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath on PSN this week, I present a special retrospective:

    2005 - The year of the overlooked and/or forgotten gem.

    2005 was the transition year. The hype for the Xbox 360, the recent release of the Nintendo DS both overshadowed great games on the GBA and previous generation of consoles. Despite this, it was a year when complete comfort with the platforms and a huge userbase to work with allowed developers and publishers to try out some truly weird, cool ideas.

    This is the reason I'm more than willing to wait for the next generation. We haven't reached the point where developers feel comfortable enough to try new things. Speeding into the next generation, starting from scratch with a new userbase, new hardware, and higher costs will only make new ideas HARDER to come by. Let's wait until we see some more weird ideas and polished gems like:

    Advent Rising
    Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth
    Conker: Live and Reloaded
    Destroy All Humans
    Digital Devil Saga
    Full Spectrum Warrior
    Gauntlet: Seven Sorrows
    Gunstar Super Heroes
    Haunting Ground
    The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction
    Indigo Prophecy
    Jade Empire
    Kingdom Under Fire
    Kirby Canvas Curse
    Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks
    Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath
    Phantom Dust
    Project: Snowblind
    Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy
    The Punisher
    Rise of the Kasai
    Second Sight
    Shadow of Rome
    Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves
    Stubbs the Zombie: Rebel without a Pulse
    SWAT 4
    Total Overdose: A Gunslinger's Tale in Mexico
    Unreal Championship 2
    The Warriors

  • It kind of got buried in the other threads, but I want to make clear that I'm not going out of my way to offend people. I don't just run off a long string of curse words, or make an effort to piss people off for my amusement or anything.

    It's much more passive than that.

    At the end of a long day though, I'm not going to go out of my way to make damn sure everything that comes out of my mouth is rainbows and sunshine either.

    I just act online the same way I do when I'm with a group of friends, and we're all completely comfortable with each other, and have the freedom to use language or talk about subjects in a manner we might otherwise not unless in private, or shrouded in the noise of a bar.

    And I know that there are players out there that wouldn't appreciate it. So I either enter a party with friends or, if we don't have enough for a full team and actually want to communicate with the other players enough for basic teamplay, then we leave a lobby if we feel like there are those in the room who might be offended by our casual, unguarded conversations, reactions, etc.

  • If you want to jump online to enjoy the game, you have to be prepared for the culture that is bound to it.

    I can't go to a Star Trek convention and start yelling at everybody to stop being so weird with their costumes, language and everything else they partake in.

    What Andrea and company are doing now is analogous to coming into your house, where you have things arranged the way you like them, your own habits and behaviors, and then saying 'Nope, I don't like this, change everything for me so I feel comfortable.'

    Now, maybe we agree that the general tone of online games right now is toxic and should be changed. Fine - that's a process that takes work. No established culture changes immediately and willingly in reaction to the arrival a new, relatively smaller population of 'others'.

    As larger numbers of women go online and stand up for themselves, then the feedback to female-centric hostility will change as females and their supporters shout down, embarrass or do whatever else to those who perform it - the same way that being hostile toward women in public is frowned IRL.

    The other option is assimilation. That as more and more women come online, they warrant less and less attention, they respond less and less to the decreasing attention, and eventually, the culture is either diluted to the point that they find it acceptable, or they change their behavior and match the tenor of the aggressors themselves.

  • Firstly, the Xbox 360 interface needs to copy Amazon (and Valve copying Amazon) and have a system to recommend games based on the games you in particular have played and liked. Preferably a system that would be source-agnostic, including recommendations for retail, games-on-demand, XBLA and Indie games in the same interface.

    Secondly, the wimmins in games discussion was so scattered and undirected I don't think it went anywhere meaningful. If you're going to discuss such a vast and contentious topic you really ought to try to have some kind of focus.

    Thirdly, tangentially related to the wimmins in games discussion, I find it baffling and irritating when people say things like "we are in an industry that makes exclusively summer action movies". Yes, the parts of both industries that are driven by over the top violence are driven by over the top violence, but does that mean that all the other games out there are just chopped liver? Yeah, they're not being advertised on TV and on the sides of public transportation like Skyrim, but neither are the overwhelming majority of movies. Don't confuse marketing spending with reality.

    Also, just because someone doesn't identify as a "gamer" doesn't mean that they don't play video and computer games. Windows Solitaire is a video game. Bejeweled is a video game.

    There are far more male "hardcore gamers" than female ones, but that's because "hardcore gamer" is precisely and exactly defined in terms of games that male gamers play. You can sink just as many hours into non-"hardcore" games, get just as far into the details, jargon, strategy, etc, but because they don't have guns or swords in them they're not "hardcore" and people who play them aren't "hardcore". It's a circular definition.

  • I think Garnett asked something along the lines of where are the games that do not stereotype, or pigeon hole; I presume he was asking wondering when games would come out where this issue would be null. Look back to classic mega hits like Pacman that played off of the "domination" aspect of games, or more specifically the "fight or flight" aspect of humanity's primordial hardwired paradigms and it was not about the iconography, sales department can go to hell, it was about the mechanics. Games like Armitage, Mario Kart, Pilot Wings, Flower, etc. bring us these experiences. However, as my wife points out, sometimes you just want to go into a village in Skyrim and set every motherfucker on fire. Anyway...