Fable developer Lionhead seeking MMO programmer

Lionhead Studios, a Microsoft-owned developer best known for the Fable franchise, is seeking a programmer with experience in massively multiplayer online games. A job listing asks for experience both playing and shipping MMO titles, along with leadership experience. This leads to the obvious implication that the developer is working on an MMO of its own, but the studio is being cagey with its plans.

The listing (via Eurogamer) says the job will "focus on defining the high level network architecture for the project, security concerns, support for seamless post-launch updates, and implementation of server features." It lists at least one shipped title as a Network Programmer as required, and experience with Xbox 360, Xbox Live, and the Unreal Engine is preferred.

It seems that the studio is working on an Xbox 360 MMO. Asked for comment, Lionhead reportedly gave Eurogamer a cheeky response: "Thanks for checking in with us! We're happy to tell you all about what we're working on. Just apply, get hired, and we promise to spill our guts!" Oh Lionhead, you little scamps.