GOG holiday sale launches: 50% off almost everything

Good Old Games, virtuous virtual vendor of vintage video games, has launched its huge holidays sale, cutting the price of almost every game in its library by 50%. GOG does support gifting, so it might be a good opportunity to pick up a PC classic or two for chums as Crimbo presents.

Discounted games are good, but free's better, so GOG is hoping to lure people over with a free copy of Empire Earth Gold Edition, available until 2:59 Pacific on December 14.

While the sale runs until January 2, Activision's games on GOG are only on sale until December 26. Always has to be different, that one!

The full list of games on sale is this-a-way, but here are a few highlights as a taster:

That's just the tip of the video games iceberg, so grab a pick and go bargain-hunting.