Weekend Confirmed 90 - Miyamoto, Live update, Rayman Origins

By Garnett Lee, Dec 09, 2011 11:00am PST

The Weekend Confirmed crew starts getting into the holiday spirit as Jeff, "Indie" Jeff, and Christian sit down with Garnett for this show. The buzz around misinterpretations of Miyamoto's plans for the future and the new Xbox Live dashboard and its mobile apps kicks things off. We know Jeff loves loving things, and it's obvious he's found a new object of his affection in Rayman Origins. No less fun, but definitely fun of a different sort, Saints Row the Third has Christian enjoying the freedom to fool around without feeling like he's missing out on anything. And of course there's your comments and stories, more news, and Finishing Moves to complete the package.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 90: 12/09/2011

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  • Jeff, I'm calling you out.

    I couldn't agree with you more about wikis. I stay away from them in an effort to preserve the thrill of discovery and accomplishment.

    But I couldn't help remember an episode a few weeks back in which you said you use the save function in RPGs to go back and forth to influence outcomes in the game.

    I urge you to stop selling yourself short. When you play a game about choice and decisions and consequences, nothing runs more contrary to these concepts than the ability to use God-like powers to see all ends. Next time you play an RPG try and do it 'pure' and I promise you the experience will be enriched.

    I promise you when you're at a pivotal conversation moment in an RPG, when you hold someone's life or death in your hands and there's no wiki, no save you can reload, you'll truly set down your controller and agonize over the decision. You'll spend the rest of the game wondering if you did the right thing. Who knows, your character may even experience regret.

    Trust me, I can tell you're a gamer with similar values to myself and I know you'll enjoy it.