Weekend Confirmed 89 - Minecraft, Uncharted 3, Mario Kart 7

By Garnett Lee, Dec 02, 2011 11:00am PST

Jeff surprises Xav and Garnett this week with tales of his first few nights fighting to survive in Minecraft. He's been hard at work with his virtual pick and shows signs of being in for the long haul with the game. Garnett took advantage of the holiday time to get into Uncharted 3. A discussion of authored stories versus interactivity follows that pulls in the far different approach taken in Skyrim as a contrast. Mario also gets good time this week with both 3D Land and Kart finding their way into Xav and Jeff's hands. The latest on plans for Mass Effect 3 and an upcoming patch to fix the patch for Skyrim top the news highlights and it all wraps up with Finishing Moves.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 89: 12/02/2011

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  • So, I've been running through all the games I've bought these past few months on the hardest difficulty setting, trophy/achievement hunting and the like, and I thought to myself:

    Do any of you long (or hope) for the day when ratcheting up the difficulty in a game means that the AI becomes smarter and can outmaneuver you, as opposed to the current method of just making the game a "one hit, one kill" affair. Most games on hard aren't even difficult, they're just cheap.

    Playing through BF3 and MW3, I would see my allies downing enemies left and right and think "Hey, can I play this cool war game with you guys!?" *pops head up and gets shot once from an unseen enemy* "....Guess not." I've played more than enough shooters to become used to this, but it doesn't make it any less angering. The most infuriating part is that games don't even give you the ability to just die when you know you can't make it back to cover. Once you get hit, you know it's over, but instead of just restarting the checkpoint, the game leaves you to hopelessly scramble, and I usually just put my controller down.

    I'd just love it if playing on "Legendary" and whatnot meant that the enemies would navigate the environment differently at the least, and possibly in the far-flung future, who knows, maybe even after downing one of your allies, they could steal their gear and pose as one of your own, maybe even through multiple missions. Purely dynamic, of course, and nothing resembling anything that cool will most likely ever happen. :(


  • I'm a bit surprised at how much you guys criticized Uncharted 3's linearity. Compared to most of the other linear games this year I think UC3 was very intuitive about leading the player, especially in terms of the platforming. Instead of making things flash like Enslaved, UC will make the right path the most interesting thing in the environment,and it doesn't feel too forceful.

    As for the shooting, I agree with Andrea on last episode when she said she was more of a fan of fantasy shooters. When you're killing 1,000 dudes during the campaign the only way that can make sense is if you're completely removed from the real world shooting down zombies and demons and locust and stuff.

    I think that's why a lot of oldschool PC gamers hate today's shooters - they're trying to look more realistic but in reality probably aren't any more realistic than DOOM or Quake. Back then straight-up action shooters didn't take themselves so seriously. You can see that today in games like Bulletstorm, RAGE, Gears, and Duke Nukem Forever. Back in the "old days" on PC when a shooter was realistic it went all the way like Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon.

    Back to Uncharted, I think Naughty Dog confirmed a while ago that originally they were planning something more whimsical this generation, but then grey war shooters got popular and Sony told them to make something similar to that. Thus we get Uncharted - something more realistic than Jak and Daxter but still trying to have the ND charm.

    I personally thing something like Uncharted would have been better suited to a straight-up adventure game. Maybe less shooting more platforming/puzzles, maybe something like the old Indiana point n' click adventures. Maybe ND should have just gone and made a bit more of a whimsical shooter, like a more lighthearted Bulletstorm.

  • On the subject of how uncharted does the chase sequence poorly. Which those fail state are what bring me out of the game and why I do not like it.

    What made halo's chase so successful was cortana, you need a companion character to guide you the end jump she tells you big jump gain some speed. How about a companion character saying "I got the right you take the left". Or even drake outwardly monologueing what he needs to do. Sometimes I feel game developers try too hard when a simple answer almost always works best, don't reinvent the wheel so to speak.