Shack PSA: Indie Music Bundle ends tonight

After Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and now in the midst of Cyber Monday, you might be tired of bargain-hunting. So we thought we should let you know: if you want a large set of indie game soundtracks on the cheap, you only have a few hours remaining to grab the Indie Music Bundle. It ends tonight at midnight, PST. The name-your-own price starts at a buck for 10 soundtracks, and you can shell out an even 10 dollars (or more) to get 21 soundtracks.

The bundle page details the soundtracks, which include Minecraft, Cobalt, Super Meat Boy, Impostor Nostalgia, Ravenmark: Scourge of Estellion, ARES: Extinction Agenda, Return All Robots, Mighty Milky Way, PPPPPP: VVVVVV, and Tree of Knowledge. It's name your own price, so you could just contribute a dollar for all of that music. If you're incredibly cheap.

$10 adds 11 more soundtracks, including The Binding of Isaac and Wind-Up Knight, and gives you access to FLAC files. Plus, a portion of the revenue is going to the American Cancer Society, and you can chip in a couple of bucks towards Child's Play to boot.