Weekend Confirmed 88 - Skyrim, Holiday leftovers

By Garnett Lee, Nov 23, 2011 11:00am PST

Join Xav, Jeff, Andrea, and Garnett as they celebrate the long Thanksgiving weekend. They share tales from Skyrim and Assassin's Creed Revelations during the beginning of the show. Some of the excellent discussions from the show comments last week fuel plenty of discussion on whether gamers want to be told a story, or play their own. Everyone is set for the 360 dashboard update, now that it's finally coming December 6. And the group starts to sort through the gaming leftovers already gathering from a great year of games that included LittleBIGPlanet 2, Bulletstorm, Crysis 2, L.A. Noire, and so many more titles that are already fading into memories. Finishing moves and a special Thanksgiving games edition of the tailgate wrap it all up.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 88: 11/23/2011

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  • Random note on skyrim Combat: Anyone else think the game could really be improved with a better combat system? I don't know if its just me, but i find it incredibly hard to ever take anything seriously in the game when the it looks clearly looks like robots cycling through animations until someone dies. When I watch a fight or even participate in one it just feels and looks dumb to me. As much as leveling up helps me stay motivated to do quests and stuff I feel like for a real time game it relies to heavily on stats for a real time game. If I have real time control of my character during the battle there is a certain expectation that goes along with that. While I think the stats should help inform my abilities or w/e I would love to have combat that is kind of based on my own mastery of the controls. For example Jeff mentioned he loves the lock picking and being able to unlock tough locks regardless of his character skill level if he himself is good enough to pick the lock, now if this was applied in combat situation for example I would be able to take down those giants regardless of my level as long as I had a true grasp of the combat. Moving and timing hits in a way where I really decided if I won or lost would personally help me get more into character. As it stands now if I were under leveled and walked up to a tough badie I would have to trick the terrible AI into getting stuck in a wall or something and slowly dwindle him down in a very unsatisfying fashion. Now I'm aware the game sucks players in in other areas but I don't see how fixing those games games would help in taking the player out of being immersed. I would think better animation and combat would only help to immerse them further.

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    • For me it works both ways. This was the same with Fallout 3 where you would occasionally encounter someone or something that was really over powered (relative to the level you are on), and you end up getting killed over and over. Eventually you just have to set aside your ego and run. Which is fine for me, because in equal measure, being able to fight a tough enemy out of your level early on, does make it feel a little easy.

      Funny that you mentioned the AI getting stuck though. I actually was happy that that happened in one of the quests. Basically it was in one of the grottoes (near Solitude) where I killed all but one guy who could one hit kill me. Happened over and over, until I decided to just kill everyone, and flee from him (temporarily) so I could strategize (or as like to call, get far and pelt the shit out of him with arrows). I was sneaking towards him when my companion rushed in and attacked him. My companion who was having trouble earlier on, was actually getting the upperhand. As I got closer, it turns out that the AI go stuck, but at the same time, my companion went absolutely psycho on him with the war axe. I was happy to give the kill to her.

      Sure, combat-wise it wasn't satisfying, but the visual of my companion hacking the shit out of the guy with the axe while he was helpless served an additional purpose of me not minding her snarkily responding to me giving her items to store, anymore. I learnt not to fuck with her if I'm ever on opposing sides and got stuck somewhere :oP