Final Fantasy XIII-2 trailer shows Lightning in a war zone

We know that Final Fantasy XIII-2 focuses on Serah searching for her missing sister, Lightning. So what exactly is Lightning up to, anyway? Apparently, she's waging an all-out war using her private monster army, and we get to see a battle unfold to that effect.

Some of these scenes are recognizable from earlier trailers, but the full battle gives it some more context. We also get more screen time with the antagonist, who answers the question: can digital characters chew the scenery? The answer is yes. Yes, they can. This villain is hamming it up more than Al Pacino in Scent of a Woman. However, the trailer does feature Lightning riding on her Odin-horse, and pulling off all the ridiculous feats you'd expect from a Final Fantasy trailer.

The game is due January 31, with DLC and a possible sequel to follow.

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