Uncharted 3 'Flashback Map Pack' announced

There's going to be a lot of DLC for Uncharted 3's multiplayer mode. While the initial offerings have been limited to various skins, Naughty Dog has unveiled the first significant expansion for the mode. The first map pack for the online mode is the "Flashback Map Pack #1." While Naughty Dog hasn't detailed the contents of the DLC quite yet, the first screenshots give us a pretty good idea on what to expect. The title should make it clear: these maps are "flashbacks" from the previous Uncharted games, namely the multiplayer mode featured in Uncharted 2. The numeric assignment suggests that we'll probably see multiple expansions featuring UC2's maps. The two maps announced so far are The Cave and The Fort. While the layout appears similar to the original maps, the mood is completely different. The original Cave map was set in ice, whereas the Uncharted 3 incarnation seems to be taken over by flora. A moody, atmospheric fog seems to have overtaken the newly redesigned Fort map.

The Cave: Uncharted 2 (left) | Uncharted 3 (right)

No price or release date has been set yet for the DLC.