Dungeon Defenders mod SDK released

Fancy turning Dungeon Defenders into an FPS? With the release of a full development kit, industrial modders can now make everything from new maps and characters to whole new modes and games for Trendy Entertainment's action-y tower defense.

Available now on Steam, the SDK packs all Dungeon Defenders' art assets and "full" source code (minus the licensed Unreal engine source, of course). To give modders a leg-up, it includes basic code for an 8-player PvP capture-the-flag mode.

With this, Trendy says, you can "Change anything and create your own completely new game as a Total Conversion! You could make a brand new FPS, a team-versus-team online MOBA, or a third person Role Playing Game. The possibilities are endless and the existing Dungeon Defenders code base and content will give you a head start."

The online matchmaking will support mods and total conversions, with players simply downloading new content they don't have they connect to a server running it.