DmC: Devil May Cry set in a parallel universe

Dante's next foray into demon slaying is bringing a number of significant twists and turns to the Devil May Cry series. While the upcoming DmC: Devil May Cry is not a complete reboot of the franchise, Capcom is calling it a "rebirth."

While many fans have been upset about the new look for Dante, perhaps it will be comforting to know that Ninja Theory's game takes place in a different, parallel universe.


Capcom producer Motohide Eshiro says the game takes place in "the world, as we know it." According to Dengenki PlayStation (via Siliconera) Ninja Theory suggested the change in setting. "This background is something we intend to explain within the game -- there's a reason for it, although we aren't talking about it quite yet," Ninja Theory director Tameem Antoniades, added.

Dante's new half-angel, half-demon makeup will also give him access to special Angel and Demon powers. "Angel powers are mainly speed-driven and allow players to deal a large number of blows," Eshiro explained to Famitsu (via 1UP). "You can also move around more quickly with them. Meanwhile, demon powers deliver a heavy punch with each hit. You switch between these two powers in realtime, and that's where the gameplay gets much of its flavor."

Of course, many fans have their doubts if Ninja Theory can pull it off. "It's a different team and so naturally it'll be a different game from before," Eshiro explained. "But the entire team is working hard to ensure the play feel is the same. It's a brand-new DMC born from the DNA of the rest of the series."

DmC: Devil May Cry is currently planned to release sometime in 2012.