Weekend Confirmed 84 - Battlefield 3, Uncharted 3, GTA V announced

By Garnett Lee, Oct 28, 2011 11:15am PDT

Battlefield 3 blew up across the video game world this week and its shockwaves carried right over to Weekend Confirmed. But believe it or not, BlizzCon momentarily upstages the modern warfare, as Xav, Jeff, Andrea, and Garnett get distracted by pandas in WoW and the latest title to board the DOTA train. This special episode was recorded in the evening and the crew celebrated with beers and bourbon. So buckle up, it gets bumpy from the start. Along the rest of the way there's talk of Uncharted 3 and Dance Central 2, hopes and dreams for Grand Theft Auto V, and, of course, Finishing Moves.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 84: 10/28/2011

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  • 95 per cent of this game is Multiplayer. That's what this is all about, and you can't really review it without getting to atleast ten hours of multi-player time, when something just clicks and you start to understand the tactics. Even on the Xbox this is an accomplished multiplayer title. The fact that Disc 1 of the two discs is the multiplayer disc, says a hell of a lot. The single-player is just so they can justify charging what they do, but this game is first and foremost a multiplayer game.

    I'm actually a bit disappointed by the reviews that these guys have delivered, you sort of missed the point entirely. I understand it's difficult for games pundits to give any amount of extended time to one game. I suppose this is why forums like this exist, for people like us to push our points forward.

    I usually find people who nag on the comment thread a bit tiring, but the BF3 discussion you had actually bothered me a bit. The multiplayer in this has changed up what the idea of multiplayer gaming can achieve, and I think that you almost bypassed it.

    I think people are annoyed because they put their trust in your opinions as the 'experts' and you didn't come accross as experts at all. Someone said it perfectly on the post further up, you mentioned you shouldn't really be able to talk about SF4, because none of you were experienced in playing it or knew what it was about... this seemed a similar situation, maybe you should have left out the BF3 talk entirely?

    Other than that, I am a HUGE fan, keep it up. I loved this week's podcast, there's nothing wrong with having fun with a few drinks, Andrea was hilarious.

  • Oh man I just lost a lot of respect for you guys. You totally missed the boat on Battlefield 3 - why are you even talking about the single player for 20 minutes!- that is not the game here. That said - it still looks incredible - short of being in Iraq - it emerses you in what it would feel like to be in a fire fight - who cares if it's on rails? no one ever claimed it was an open world game. of course the AI is stupid - there is none. It's a multiplayer game! They did not spend time on AI - they designed the best MULTIPLAYER war game in existence currently. The single player is a fun warm up for that only.
    And the game does not have character? are you kidding? This game invented this concept. Base conquest - multiple vehicles etc. is that not enough character for you? as far as personality - you are playing your friends - they are the characters!
    Sorry to hear none of you are "that guy." I love a good story too - but no one expects a story here. If you want to play golf - don't go to a basketball court.
    Please redeem yourselves and admit on the next show that you are total morons so that I can listen to your podcast again - because I look forward to it every week.

  • I'm sorry. Listening to you guys break down the single-player in Battlefield 3 is the equivalent to you guys convening again, a couple of months from now, and breaking down the co-op in Mass Effect 3. I couldn't believe a bunch of games professionals would spend that much time breaking down the single-player when the focus of the game is clearly multiplayer. If your justification for focusing on that Black Ops rip-off is that you don't like multiplayer then just say so and skip ahead to another game.

    To use my earlier analogy, imagine a couple of months from now if you guys decided to talk almost exclusively about the multiplayer in Mass Effect 3. You know while you're talking about it that, at best, it's an OK distraction and, at worst, it affects the single-player in a negative way.

    Garnett you encountered this problem years ago with Street Fighter 4. You acknowledged the games popularity but then you clearly stated that neither you or any of the panelists that day had any real knowledge or expertise to talk about the game in depth, so you skipped it. Do that next time.

    To anyone out their who waited for the Weekend confirmed guys to break down Battlefield 3 for a purchasing decision here is the general consensus:

    Single player isn't worth the price of admission. Even as a rental it isn't worth your time. You've played that campaign before in some form or another.

    Co-op is better than single-player but still not very good. Not worth a rental either.

    Multiplayer is worth the price of admission alone. There isn't any other game like it on the market. The destruction, the vehicles, the way it forces you into a squad to push team work and coordination. It isn't for everyone but give it a chance and you'll more than likely be hooked by it.

    If you don't like multiplayer don't bother purchasing the game or playing like Jeff. There are much better single-player experiences on the way that are much better than what you find in Battlefield 3.

  • As a 25 year old guy gamer I would be all for a female protagonist in the next GTA. After a death to my hard drive I was forced to replay Mass Effect 2 and decided to try it as femshep, it was hard to get used to at first simply because I had become accustomed to the stilted acting of my generic bald dude aka Sheppard Sheppard (who wants to be called by thier last name all the time?), but I found after a couple hours that femshop not only gave a far superior performance but added another layer of tension and gravitas to the story as she played against stereotypes unlike her male counterpart.

    I posed this question to my coworkers at an advertising agency and found that, probably unsurprisingly, all the women gamers were in full support of a female lead, while the guys were split. If adult men are uncomfortable playing a female character I find it hard to believe that 13-16 year old guys (still a large portion of the gaming audience) would want to play as a female.

    With that said, drunken Andrea is just about the cutest thing I've ever heard.

  • Hello,

    I just joined Shacknews after listening to the latest Weekend Confirmed episode (great show btw), and I’d like to offer my view on the idea of GTA 5 with a female lead character.

    The idea of exploring a GTA universe through a female perspective does not sound appealing to me. The title of the game repels this idea from my mind.

    Grand Theft Auto  Car thief- Person who loves cars  Man

    My memory of GTA games is shaky (I’ve only played GTA IV, Vice City, and Liberty City Stories), but don’t these games typically involve a fair amount of organized crime? I don’t mean like the mafia, but just a group of people working toward a goal. The idea of an organized crime group with an active or retiring female member/hitwoman/lead thief seems less real and more like a Hollywood movie.

    To be honest, my idea of GTA 5 starring a female lead would be something like the VH1 show called ‘Mob Wives’. Those ladies were tough and all, but I just wouldn’t want to play a game about them.

    I’d be curious to know how relationships were integrated into the story. Would it be scripted that I had, or would have a boyfriend or husband during the game? I just really do not want to play as a woman in a relationship. If she’s single and killing lots of stuff that’s cool, but if I have to immerse myself in the role of someone who intimately cares, or once cared for a dude, that’s just not for me.

    Most likely this game could work, but I would probably be underwhelmed by the pitch.

  • Kinect was about 4 years too late. We already went through the Wii highs and lows. We went through the wow factor of Wii Sports Wii Fit etc and the promise of the potential of Motion Control. We went through the technical shortcomings of motion control and the cash grab shovelware thrown at us while it motion control was new and fresh.

    Eventually we went through the catch-22 scenario where AAA 3rd party games were not going to get made for the Wii until 3rd party games sold on the Wii, but 3rd party games were not going to sell on the Wii until AAA 3rd party games were made for the Wii.

    This is why the Kinect half-life was going to be much shorter. We had been there, done that. And If 3rd parties would not put much effort/resources into Wii games when it was smoking hot and when it had such a massive install base then why would they put money into a Kinect game?

    Also working against it was the an old rule of consoles - you make games for the lowest common denominator. A subset of which is you do not make games for peripherals or accessories unless you desire to exclude half your audience.

    Plus Kinect launched with a mediocre pack-in game. Not even close to a Wii Sports. I forget the name of the game already and I purchased it.

    All in all, anyone that wanted these dancing, fitness, mini games, arcade sport mini games already had 4 years in which to play them on the Wii. It was starting to get obvious by the time that Kinect launched that consumers were over the Wii. It sold to anyone and everyone that wanted one. The craze was over.

    Kinect wasn't enough of a new thing to start a new craze anywhere close to the level of a Wii. Copycats almost never are. It offered "no controller" play, but also no buttons and camera/space issues. And I would argue that software wise it was not only a copycat, but a step back in quality.. The Nintendo made Wii games were better software than any of the software released with or alongside Kinect.

    And so Kinect was doomed to the dust bin much sooner than the Wii.