Weekend Confirmed 84 - Battlefield 3, Uncharted 3, GTA V announced

By Garnett Lee, Oct 28, 2011 11:15am PDT

Battlefield 3 blew up across the video game world this week and its shockwaves carried right over to Weekend Confirmed. But believe it or not, BlizzCon momentarily upstages the modern warfare, as Xav, Jeff, Andrea, and Garnett get distracted by pandas in WoW and the latest title to board the DOTA train. This special episode was recorded in the evening and the crew celebrated with beers and bourbon. So buckle up, it gets bumpy from the start. Along the rest of the way there's talk of Uncharted 3 and Dance Central 2, hopes and dreams for Grand Theft Auto V, and, of course, Finishing Moves.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 84: 10/28/2011

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  • 95 per cent of this game is Multiplayer. That's what this is all about, and you can't really review it without getting to atleast ten hours of multi-player time, when something just clicks and you start to understand the tactics. Even on the Xbox this is an accomplished multiplayer title. The fact that Disc 1 of the two discs is the multiplayer disc, says a hell of a lot. The single-player is just so they can justify charging what they do, but this game is first and foremost a multiplayer game.

    I'm actually a bit disappointed by the reviews that these guys have delivered, you sort of missed the point entirely. I understand it's difficult for games pundits to give any amount of extended time to one game. I suppose this is why forums like this exist, for people like us to push our points forward.

    I usually find people who nag on the comment thread a bit tiring, but the BF3 discussion you had actually bothered me a bit. The multiplayer in this has changed up what the idea of multiplayer gaming can achieve, and I think that you almost bypassed it.

    I think people are annoyed because they put their trust in your opinions as the 'experts' and you didn't come accross as experts at all. Someone said it perfectly on the post further up, you mentioned you shouldn't really be able to talk about SF4, because none of you were experienced in playing it or knew what it was about... this seemed a similar situation, maybe you should have left out the BF3 talk entirely?

    Other than that, I am a HUGE fan, keep it up. I loved this week's podcast, there's nothing wrong with having fun with a few drinks, Andrea was hilarious.