Weekend Confirmed 84 - Battlefield 3, Uncharted 3, GTA V announced

By Garnett Lee, Oct 28, 2011 11:15am PDT

Battlefield 3 blew up across the video game world this week and its shockwaves carried right over to Weekend Confirmed. But believe it or not, BlizzCon momentarily upstages the modern warfare, as Xav, Jeff, Andrea, and Garnett get distracted by pandas in WoW and the latest title to board the DOTA train. This special episode was recorded in the evening and the crew celebrated with beers and bourbon. So buckle up, it gets bumpy from the start. Along the rest of the way there's talk of Uncharted 3 and Dance Central 2, hopes and dreams for Grand Theft Auto V, and, of course, Finishing Moves.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 84: 10/28/2011

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  • I'm sorry. Listening to you guys break down the single-player in Battlefield 3 is the equivalent to you guys convening again, a couple of months from now, and breaking down the co-op in Mass Effect 3. I couldn't believe a bunch of games professionals would spend that much time breaking down the single-player when the focus of the game is clearly multiplayer. If your justification for focusing on that Black Ops rip-off is that you don't like multiplayer then just say so and skip ahead to another game.

    To use my earlier analogy, imagine a couple of months from now if you guys decided to talk almost exclusively about the multiplayer in Mass Effect 3. You know while you're talking about it that, at best, it's an OK distraction and, at worst, it affects the single-player in a negative way.

    Garnett you encountered this problem years ago with Street Fighter 4. You acknowledged the games popularity but then you clearly stated that neither you or any of the panelists that day had any real knowledge or expertise to talk about the game in depth, so you skipped it. Do that next time.

    To anyone out their who waited for the Weekend confirmed guys to break down Battlefield 3 for a purchasing decision here is the general consensus:

    Single player isn't worth the price of admission. Even as a rental it isn't worth your time. You've played that campaign before in some form or another.

    Co-op is better than single-player but still not very good. Not worth a rental either.

    Multiplayer is worth the price of admission alone. There isn't any other game like it on the market. The destruction, the vehicles, the way it forces you into a squad to push team work and coordination. It isn't for everyone but give it a chance and you'll more than likely be hooked by it.

    If you don't like multiplayer don't bother purchasing the game or playing like Jeff. There are much better single-player experiences on the way that are much better than what you find in Battlefield 3.