Weekend Confirmed 83 - Batman: Arkham City, Forza 4, Skyrim

By Garnett Lee, Oct 21, 2011 11:00am PDT

Like millions of gamers, the Weekend Confirmed crew jumped all over Batman: Arkham City when it came out this week. There's an abundance of love for the game, but Garnett does take exception to the move that put Catwoman out of the reach of gamers without an Internet connection. Along with the two Jeffs--Cannata and "Indie"--and with our second Play For Japan charity auction winner, Eric Hwang, they're just getting started. Forza 4, Skyrim, Orcs Must Die, and Dungeon Defenders all commanded attention over the past week. And the group also weighs in on the rising cumulative cost of games with DLC season passes, the Vita's launch outside Japan, whether the "core" audience is perhaps shrinking, and more before wrapping it all up with Finishing Moves.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 83: 10/21/2011

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  • One thing that irks me about the concept of Season Passes, in particular, the Forza 4 Season Pass, is that I already bought the Forza 4 Collector's Edition, which already grants access to the American Muscle Car pack, so there's far less incentive for me to invest in the Season Pass right now with that same pack being offered as a "bonus". For the time being, I'm taking a wait-and-see approach because I bought ALL the DLC packs for Forza 3 (when they were on sale) but hardly played or unlocked the majority of them (yeah, you still have to unlock the cars that you paid actual money for -- not that that's wrong, but the time investment required on top of the actual monetary investment made is something to think about), and there's no guarantee that I'll like the majority of forthcoming cars or tracks for Forza 4. Plunking down 2400 points for Gears 3 was much easier because I know that I'll be able to count on a variety of content in the four promised packs (e.g. co-op Campaign and Horde), and I pretty much enjoy all the different modes that Gears 3 offers. On the other hand, if one of Forza 4's DLC pack should focus on drifting or drag racing, or simply offers a pack of new cars that I have no interest in driving however, then I'll effectively have wasted my money in purchasing a Season Pass. Finally, if the future DLC packs also include more content that was included in the Collector's Edition (and they likely will), then I'll likely avoid those too. The value of a Season Pass really boils down to the particular game and the level of involvement and/or enjoyment you plan to get out of it in the long run.

    I wonder if future DLC packs will also include content specific to the Collector's Edition, and if so, what was the point in buying the Collectors Edition in the first place?