Weekend Confirmed 83 - Batman: Arkham City, Forza 4, Skyrim

By Garnett Lee, Oct 21, 2011 11:00am PDT

Like millions of gamers, the Weekend Confirmed crew jumped all over Batman: Arkham City when it came out this week. There's an abundance of love for the game, but Garnett does take exception to the move that put Catwoman out of the reach of gamers without an Internet connection. Along with the two Jeffs--Cannata and "Indie"--and with our second Play For Japan charity auction winner, Eric Hwang, they're just getting started. Forza 4, Skyrim, Orcs Must Die, and Dungeon Defenders all commanded attention over the past week. And the group also weighs in on the rising cumulative cost of games with DLC season passes, the Vita's launch outside Japan, whether the "core" audience is perhaps shrinking, and more before wrapping it all up with Finishing Moves.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 83: 10/21/2011

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  • What WB did with Arkham City pisses me off to no end, and the fact that Jeff can even argue for the other side of it, and has the gall to call it "entitlement" pisses me off to no end. How dare you call it entitlement, and how dare the commenters here defend such a stance?

    The game was revealed and marketed from the get-go that Catwoman was going to be an important featured character for AC, and they suddenly decide to pull a switcharoo at the very last second to reveal that she's actually their online pass? How can you possibly defend this?

    How can you defend the people out in wherever who don't actively have a reliable internet connection, or don't want to or can't keep a connection to their console, for something like this where it's singleplayer content for a singleplayer game? How can you still defend when WB TURNS RIGHT AROUND AND SELLS GAMESTOP CODES SO THEY CAN INCLUDE THOSE IN THEIR USED COPIES?

    Its one thing when I'm buying DLC content, or a game digitally: the contract that I make with game publishers and game makers is that I agree to the terms of owning the license to this content for as long as their servers are up and available and before we suffer some sort of internet-ending apocalypse. That contract does not mix the contract of buying physical content for a singleplayer experience. If something happens in the future, where I don't have an internet connection, or worse, the SERVERS GO DOWN, what the fuck am I supposed to do? I no longer have access to that content.

    The worst offense in this entire ordeal is the fact that ITS NOT AN UNLOCK KEY. As much shit as we give to publishers for locking away content behind 50kb keys for content that's already on the disc, in this particular case its a particular flavor of bullshit that I refuse to condone. That content, that Catwoman content that actually affects the singleplayer, is locked away with risk of loss on SOMEONE ELSE'S TIME as opposed to being my own fault for damage or disappearance.

    If WB announced that she was going to be DLC from day 1 it'd be an entirely different story. But they didn't, and its not. You people disgust me for even playing devil's advocate at all.

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