Weekend Confirmed 83 - Batman: Arkham City, Forza 4, Skyrim

By Garnett Lee, Oct 21, 2011 11:00am PDT

Like millions of gamers, the Weekend Confirmed crew jumped all over Batman: Arkham City when it came out this week. There's an abundance of love for the game, but Garnett does take exception to the move that put Catwoman out of the reach of gamers without an Internet connection. Along with the two Jeffs--Cannata and "Indie"--and with our second Play For Japan charity auction winner, Eric Hwang, they're just getting started. Forza 4, Skyrim, Orcs Must Die, and Dungeon Defenders all commanded attention over the past week. And the group also weighs in on the rising cumulative cost of games with DLC season passes, the Vita's launch outside Japan, whether the "core" audience is perhaps shrinking, and more before wrapping it all up with Finishing Moves.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 83: 10/21/2011

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  • Great conversation about the Catwoman DLC pass. Now about Halo Anniversary ...

    With Garnett's claims that it was underhanded, I'm surprised no one has caught on to the news about the Kinect exclusive features for Halo Anniversary.

    To summarize, it's a feature exclusive to Kinect users where you can aim at certain objects, enemies, vehicles etc in the game and say the word 'analyze' and it's adds an entry to the 'library' where you can get information and look at 3D models.

    This is really alarming to me in principle and the potential for what it could mean for future releases is just as worrying.

    This feature seems like it straight up designed to include something Kinect exclusive. The problem I see with this is that it is entirely plausible, more practical even, to 'analyze' objects with the press of a button. This leads me to believe that it was either tacked on or shaved off from the main game but either way the bottom line is that this content has been walled off from non-Kinect users for no other reason than the desire to create something Kinect exclusive. In essence you need to purchase an expensive peripheral in order to access content that doesn't utilize said expensive peripheral in any meaningful way that a controller couldn't.

    Now I wouldn't mind if the Kinect added an element to Halo that was completely impracticable or even impossible without Kinect but the bottom line is that 343 Industries haven't used Kinect to give gamers something extra, they've in fact used Kinect to take something away from gamers. You don't need Kinect's unique qualities to experience this content, you just need to have purchased it.

    In my opinion Halo Anniversary isn't 'better with Kinect', it's just 'incomplete without kinect'.

    Sure it's a seemingly minor feature as far as Halo Anniversary, but considering Forza's achievements that require Kinect, I'm worried about what the future holds for Halo 4 and other Microsoft owned properties. Who knows how far they'll push it. Imagine entire sections of the campaign only available to Kinect users, or what about multi-player playlists that require a Windows Phone?


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