Capsized on Xbox 360 in December

If you missed out on the PC indie game Capsized, you can always get the Xbox Live Arcade version when it comes out this December. Publisher indiePub announced the release window today, along with a price of $10 (800 MSP). Instead of the original developer, Alientrap, this version is being handled by Koohaus Games.

The physics-based action platformer starts as you crash land on an alien planet. You'll be picking up equipment like the grappling hook and jetpack as you work to save your crewmates from hostile alien creatures. The XBLA version adds new levels, enhanced visuals, achievements, and downloadable content (due soon on the PC).

"We are really excited to be working with indiePub to help us get Capsized to new platforms and new audiences," said Alientrap's Lee Vermeulen in the announcement. "Players will benefit from the new version's refined action and increased focus on cooperative and multiplayer gameplay, while keeping the chaotic action and unique style of the PC version."