Battlefield 3 PC to get squad management

The console beta of Battlefield 3 lets players form private squads and switch in the middle of a match, but those features are curiously missing from the PC version. Now a DICE representative has assured players that some of those options will be in the finalized version of the PC game, but left the mid-match switching a looming question.

"In short answer form, yes, you can browse and join squads through the squad screen and make private squads. The full form will be available later," wrote a DICE employee in a forum post (via Gameranx). That takes care of some of the missing squad management features.

However, mid-match squad switching seems less promising. A tweet from DICE community manager Daniel Matros suggests that all squad features will go through Battlelog. Given how Battlelog is currently set up, that would probably mean forming squads before joining a server instead of using an in-game squad browser. Shacknews has contacted EA to clarify.