Adventure Time creator talks about possible game adaptation

Adventure Time has been one of Cartoon Network's most talked about new programs. As the show wraps up its third season, series creator Pendleton Ward talked about what a possible game based on the series would look like.

"I vow to make a topnotch game," Ward said, admitting that a game "might happen eventually if the show stays popular."

"If it was a small budget I’d work to make a sidescroller," he told Game Informer. "But if we had the largest budget in the world I’d love to make something like Oblivion, but set in the Adventure Time universe where it’s a giant free-roaming world. It might be fun to make it have Monster Hunter style gameplay with Katamari graphics."

Many Cartoon Network properties have received video game adaptions, notably D3 Publisher's Ben 10 game series, and the upcoming Generator Rex from Activision.