Report: Comcast and Verizon joining Xbox TV

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer reaffirmed earlier this month that the Xbox TV service is planned to roll out 'this Christmas.' Further reports have surfaced today indicating that Microsoft is currently negotiating with nearly two dozen providers of movies, TV shows, sports, and music in the U.S. and Europe.

Comcast and Verizon apparently aren't the only ones negotiating to bring their programming to the Xbox 360.

While Microsoft and the content providers with whom it's negotiating have yet to officially confirm anything official, a Bloomberg report (via Joystiq) that HBO, Crackle (Sony's streaming service), NBC Universal's Bravo and Syfy channels, and Amazon.com's subsidiary Lovefilm UK are expected to get on board, according to an unnamed source. The source also asserted that Microsoft might have something to announce as early as next week.

A couple of additional sources in the Bloomberg report (also unnamed) also claimed that the Comcast and Verizon deals would be structured so that existing subscribers to either service would be able to use the corresponding Xbox Live streaming functionality for no additional cost.