Orcs Must Die! in October on PC and XBLA

While some games plump for ostentatious, highfalutin titles to feign artistic merit, Robot Entertainment's Orcs Must Die! contains a simple message: there are orcs; they must die; hop to it, son. It'll be October when we get to solve that exotic problem, the studio founded by Ages of Empires veterans announced today.

To dispose of aforementioned orcs rampaging through their fortresses, players can lay down traps and defending units, like in a tower defense, and also get their hands dirty with weapons and spells. For added greenskin-squishing power, and to help you climb the online leaderboards, you can upgrade your arsenal and traps too.

The Xbox Live Arcade edition of Orcs Must Die! arrives first, on October 5. The PC edition will follow on October 12, released through Steam and unspecified other digital distribution platforms. There's no word on the price yet.

Robot was one of the studios founded in the wake of Age of Empires developer Ensemble's closure. Robot curiously wound up developing the free-to-play Age of Empires Online for Microsoft, but later passed the torch to Gas Powered Games.

Do have a go on this snazzy interactive trailer for a taste of the game: