Dungeon Siege 3 getting level cap-raising DLC

By Steve Watts, Sep 01, 2011 2:45pm PDT

Dungeon Siege 3 will be adding a new piece of downloadable content this October, which will raise the level cap, add a new quest, and bring in a new enchantment system. The "Treasures of the Sun" pack is set to launch for $9.99 on Steam, PlayStation Network, and Xbox Live.

The new DLC takes place in the Aronoi desert, in a quest to find a lost Legion hero. Obsidian will be raising the level cap from 30 to 35 for this expansion, along with introducing a new array of abilities and allowing the player to reallocate talent and proficiency points. You'll also be able to enchant your weapons and armors with Vials produced through transmuting items.

New enemies include mummies and giant skeletons, which is more or less what you should expect from the desert. If I were a betting man, I'd wager on scorpions making an appearance too.

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