Professor Layton and the Last Specter coming in October

The Nintendo DS is in its twilight years as the 3DS gets the brunt of software attention, but the system's not going out without one of its most popular series. Nintendo announced today that Professor Layton and the Last Specter will launch on the DS in North America on October 17. The title represents the last DS Layton game released in Japan, as Mask of Miracle is for the system's little brother, 3DS. Those who played Unwound Future know that it's chronologically the last of the series, so Last Specter takes place 3 years before Curious Village, explaining how Luke became the Professor's apprentice. As a bonus, Last Specter features a bonus RPG co-developed by Brownie Brown, called Professor Layton's London Life. Nintendo promises "more than 100 hours of content" from London Life itself, so you'll get some bang for your buck. The company also says that it's unlocked from the start as a "North American exclusive," so that means we lazy Americans won't have to work for our 100+ hour RPG.

Professor Layton's London Life