Weekend Confirmed 75 - Deus Ex Human Revolution, Street Fighter 3: Third Strike

By Garnett Lee, Aug 26, 2011 11:00am PDT

Deus Ex Human Revolution made its hotly anticipated debut this week and everyone's been playing it. But don't think Weekend Confirmed would spoil the game for you! Xav, Jeff, and Garnett along with regular guest Christian Spicer spend the first segment of Whatcha Been Playin? talking about their experience with the game, and how it struck them from a variety of perspectives. There's sure to be more to come on this one, but there are other games this week as well, like Street Fighter 3: Third Strike and Madden NFL 12. The Warning begins with a blog posted by a game designer in response to Garnett's Diablo 3 complaints, and then moves on to a discussion of the importance of replayability in modern games. Xav leads the debate through a full new segment. There's Finishing Moves, and then, the first NFL Tailgate of the year. It's a jam-packed show.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 75: 08/26/2011

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  • I just wanted to talk a bit about Garnett's Diablo 3 discussion. I think the real money auction house is the first sign that maybe Activision is starting to influence the way Blizzard makes games. (The other sign might be that they want to push more wow expansions out quicker). Diablo 2 has sold a crazy amount of copies, something like 9 million to date which to any developer should sound pretty darn good, so I don't buy the argument that Blizzard wouldn't be happy with the sales that Diablo 3 would do on it's own.

    I totally agree with Garnett that this auction house is going to undermine the game completely. If you have played any amount of high level Diablo you know that after you complete the game you are basically just going back through and killing bosses to gain the most epic of loots. Now the system in Diablo 2 just lets you grab items off the ground so when you are in a group of 5 people and one of those gold unidentified items drops it's a mad scramble to pick it up and the fighting that goes on because of this is ridiculous. Now I know Blizzard will probably have some sort of rolling system in place much like in WOW but how much more fighting is going to take place when you know that these gold items are worth real money? Also who is going to put any good items into the in game auction house when there is real money to be made?

    Also to Jeff's point that it's different than WOW where people who buy items won't affect my play experience I would have to disagree. Diablo 3 looks a lot like WOW to me in the sense that to play in groups and kill bosses people will still need to know their roles and know how to play their characters effectively. Buying items negates a lot of time spent playing and getting to know the ins and outs of your character. It's the reason Blizzard won't let me buy a level 80 character in WOW and let me start from there.

    In short I know that Blizzard is a smart developer and that Diablo 3 will be fun. I'm going to buy it and put an ungodly amount of time into the game. But I think Blizzard needs to remember what got them this far in the first place...making great games first and making money second.

    P.S. How could no one mention the load times in Deus Ex?

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