Weekend Confirmed 74 - NHL 12, Toy Soldiers: Cold War, El Shaddai

By Garnett Lee, Aug 19, 2011 11:00am PDT

The power trio of Xav, Jeff, and Garnett come together for a midsummer's night podcast. Picking up on the excitement Shane left last week, El Shaddai gets a closer look after having played it--and fares well for the most part. Other games in Whatcha Been Playin? include NHL 12, Madden, Portal 2 co-op, and Toy Soldiers: Cold War. For the Warning, we talk about whether MMO design needs to better emphasize group play, and the recent assertion that few people finish games. Some of that discussion spills over to the news segment, which starts off with Mark Cerny's prediction that isolated single-player games will be gone in three years. Finishing Moves tops it all off.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 74: 08/19/2011

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  • Whatcha' Been Playin Part 1: Start: 00:00:00 End: 00:29:01

  • Whatcha' Been Playin Part 2: Start: 00:29:35 End: 00:58:32

  • The Warning: Start: 00:59:32 End: 01:31:15

  • Featured music Mista Perkins "Pop Life" feat. Aaron G. West: 01:31:15 End: 01:34:50

  • The Front Page news: Start: 01:34:50 End: 02:09:51

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  • I've been making an attempt to work through my backlog, and similar to Garnett, set up some rules:

    1) I keep a large Google doc that has a backlog of all games I own that haven't played. Staying organized is a good way to stay on track.

    2) I'm only playing three games at a time: one on my consoles, one on my PC, and one on my handhelds. This gives me some variety in what I'm playing, as well as some flexibility as to where I can play (sometimes my fiance wants to watch TV, or wants the computer to work), but doesn't overwhelm me with trying to juggle too many games at once.

    3) I'm not buying any more games until I sufficiently clear out my backlog (at the very least, games that have critical acclaim). There's no point in buying a game at full price (or even with a $10 credit like Amazon often does) if it's just going to sit on my shelf for half a year. Exceptions could be made for special deals/sales.

    4) If I'm playing a game just to experience it for it's story/design, I'm not ashamed with playing it on Easy if I need to. Even with frequent checkpoints, dying continuously on a section of a level can really break the flow of the game, not to mention be frustrating and eat up time I could have been playing other games.

    5) Similar to Garnett's two-strike rule, if I'm just not digging a game, I don't feel an obligation to beat it. I have plenty of other games to play, so I just stop playing it and scratch it off the list.

    6) I had a number of games I never finished and never planned to finish, or games I bought on a whim and really have no desire to play. So I sold them! Not only does it reduce my backlog, I got a couple hundred dollars back. For downloaded titles you can't resell, just acknowledge you're never going to play it and scratch it off your list. Keeping a smaller list makes it a less daunting task.