Weekend Confirmed 74 - NHL 12, Toy Soldiers: Cold War, El Shaddai

By Garnett Lee, Aug 19, 2011 11:00am PDT

The power trio of Xav, Jeff, and Garnett come together for a midsummer's night podcast. Picking up on the excitement Shane left last week, El Shaddai gets a closer look after having played it--and fares well for the most part. Other games in Whatcha Been Playin? include NHL 12, Madden, Portal 2 co-op, and Toy Soldiers: Cold War. For the Warning, we talk about whether MMO design needs to better emphasize group play, and the recent assertion that few people finish games. Some of that discussion spills over to the news segment, which starts off with Mark Cerny's prediction that isolated single-player games will be gone in three years. Finishing Moves tops it all off.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 74: 08/19/2011

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  • Recent doom-and-gloom filled NPD reports had me thinking: Is the games industry bubble getting ready to burst? Is that a bad thing? How would I like to see it be rebuilt if it did burst?

    I came up with a few answers that really surprised me.

    To the first question I thought "Yes there is a good chance the bubble will burst for a few reasons." It will burst partly because there is too much money going into develop titles that often don't hit like they should. This is due to a number of issues including inflated pricing, poor awareness levels from consumers due to awful or invisible advertising, too many licensed titles being developed by committee, and bottom-line focused decision making by publishers which end up actually hurting the strength of the industry.

    To the second question I then thought "No, that might not be a bad thing." While the damage a burst will do to the people currently operating in the industry as well as the economic impact would be devastating, I think that a burst could lead to something exciting: the industry rebuilding itself under a new model.

    So, how did I then answer the third question? Well, I think it is hard to imagine a full picture, but I see a number of things that I think would make for a better industry including:

    -Lower pricing on games
    -Moving away from the 6-month window and into a more long-term view of profitability
    -Halting the raping of launch customers and then rapid decline in price of games
    -Lower development budgets
    -More developer control over the creative vision of the products they create as well as advertising control
    -Making all consoles backwards compatible, or having a serial number so that you could download a compatible version
    -Less mega-publishers like Activision and EA and more like Atlus
    -No more region coding so all games could be imported

    I'd really like to see games move to a cloud-type service where there is on delivery method, but companies like Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft could still differentiate by having functionality like the Move, Kinect, or Wii-U Remote.

    I seriously doubt that any of this would ever happen, but I have had some fun lately thinking about it. Any thoughts?

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