We're All Gonna Die

By Steve Gibson, Jun 06, 2000 9:11am PDT Just when you we're sitting there eating your poptart thinking life is good, you find out we're all gonna die. It looks like there is a star moving at about 14km/second towards a solar system with a lot of comets. If/when that happens, well... :

the star will send comets plummeting towards the Sun and so put the Earth at risk. [snip] The star is a red dwarf known as Gliese 710. It is more than 100 000 times as massive as the Earth.

That kinda sucks. While you're at it, this Nasa study of blackholes is kinda cool. Did I mention its not for a million years? Thanks KELLEY. Previous reasons we're all gonna die: [1 ,2 , 3 , 4]

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  • who gives a rats ass about anything that doesnt happen within the next millenium, chances are we will kill ourselves out int the next thousand yeats. we may be the only animal with the ability to detect and possibly prevent such a natural disaster but we are the only animals capable of driving our own(along with all other) species to extinction. If intelligence is measured in the ability to surive the longest than an advanced cerebral cortex combined with an advanced ego/self conscienceness is the STUPIDEST of all adaptations. We are fine for now, probably...but a million years from now? haha.