Weekend Confirmed 73 - El Shaddai, Dead Island

By Garnett Lee, Aug 12, 2011 11:00am PDT

Legend has it he lives by the Konami Code and topples maniacal bosses with a single Hadouken. Man-God Shane Bettenhausen of Ignition Entertainment joins Xav, Jeff, and Garnett this week, and brings with him an in-depth look at their new game due next week, El Shaddai. But there's much more than it to cover in a Whatcha Been Playin? that includes Dead Island, Hard Reset, and the intriguing Runespell: Overture that combines fantasy RPG with a mythical poker system for combat. In the Warning Garnett takes a moment to reset last week's Diablo 3 rant before handhelds and the ramifications of the 3DS price drop become the central topic of discussion. Xav catches us up on the latest news and sparks some good debates before it all comes to a close with Finishing Moves.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 73: 08/12/2011

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Awdbawl is a rapper from the south bay currently part of the LessIsMore Collective with his latest song "Fame" produced By Nastyface. The Video was directed, shot and edited by Ryan on our Weekend Confirmed staff.

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Shane Bettenhausen works at Ignition Entertainment, publishers of El Shaddai, due out Tuesday August 16.

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  • As I was listening to Garnett comment some more on his problems with the Diablo 3 auctioning, it reminded me of a past episode last year when BLeahy, Jeff and Garnett were discussing the micro-transactions incorporated into Team Fortress 2, all of them seemed quite ambivalent to it, and BLeahy even pointed out that it was basically 'free money' on the table, so it made sense to put it in business-wise.

    To me, this is interesting because "the spoiling of game experience" was cited as the common complaint from the community, yet the WC crew didn't really fight the micro-transaction aspect, nor did they really agree to it. Yet Garnett made his rather impassioned views known regarding the game experience of Diablo 3. So what changed? I think this is a case of one being much too close to the game, as none of the three was playing Team Fortress 2 with any regularity (if at all).

    Now personally speaking, I stand by my opinion that the concern for the auctioning is not at matter of the tainting of the game experience, but more the direct economic impact since Blizzard are in control of the game items, and have the power to nerf or buff items, and directly affecting the inherent market value of the item (details on that I made on previous week's post... which sadly no one commented on). But all that is neither here nor there.

    The point I'm trying to address is whether sometimes we so close to something that any changes will be seen with a critical eye and high sensitivity. I would consider myself a passive Diablo player, so I personally am not as sensitive to some of the PvP aspect or even the auctioning itself. But I was sensitive to the change in game style for Fallout 3 since I was a huge fan of the Fallout series (and as far as I know, Brotherhood of Steel doesn't exist...), I was very cold to Fallout 3, until I played it, and absolutely enjoyed it. I imagine this was similar to the change in style from Resident Evil 3 to Resident Evil E4. From that point on since Fallout 3, I've taken to that position where when a franchise or game that I loved in the past gets adapted, remade, or sequel-ized, I would take a step back and not judge before the game has come out. Deus Ex: Human Revolution is my current test.

    How many of you are aware of the closeness to a particular franchise, could be ruining your anticipation and enjoyment of the subsequent release? Have you managed to adapt to it, or are you just adamant that you are right?