PS3 update 3.70 brings auto-saves, Trophy sync

PlayStation 3 has received another new firmware update, with some convenient features for Plus subscribers. The update brings the PS3 firmware to version 3.70, and adds more automated features for Plus subscribers, along with sharing options, menu tweaks, and 3D Blu-ray updates.

The PlayStation Blog details the features of the update, which is available now. Plus users get the lion's share of new features, as the "Automatic Download" is being changed to "Automatic Update" with new functionality. You can set online save data to auto-backup, and Trophies will be able to auto-sync as well. No more waiting a few minutes every time you want to check your Trophy status.

All users will get a few other features. You can share recommendations for PS Store items, and services like Netflix, Hulu Plus, and VUDU will be categorized in its own XMB area called "TV/Video Services." Downloaded videos will still use the existing Video XMB area.

The system's 3D and Blu-ray support is getting a few tweaks as well. You can view 3D in Java-based special features, and lossless audio will be supported while playing 3D movies. Finally, 3D digital photos in MPO format can be viewed in 3D.