Weekend Confirmed 72 - Diablo 3, Catherine, Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet

By Garnett Lee, Aug 05, 2011 11:00am PDT

Diablo 3 starts this week's show off for Xav, Jeff, Garnett, and their guest, Clevver games' Andrea Rene. Garnett details his time playing a Demon Hunter in the beta before the subject turns to Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet, Catherine, the Resistance 3 multiplayer beta, and a couple other games. Diablo 3 also comes back up during the Warning with a discussion of Blizzard's decision to allow gear to be sold for cash in the game that gets, well, a little animated. Xav gets the show back on track with a fat stack of news that carries the momentum right up to Finishing Moves.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 72: 08/05/2011

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  • It's really been irking me hearing on podcasts about the confusion of Catherine's moral choices. The morality system is not based on good vs. evil, it is based on law vs. chaos. I don't know how things turn out in the endings, but please stop talking as if the choices are good or bad. it's to be looked as, "are you a committed, settled down person or are you more independent and don't want to be tied down." I wouldn't call someone who believes life ends with marriage a bad person, they just don't believe in marriage. This game is serious when it asks you to be very honest with your choices. The choices push you toward the sensibilities of either one of the C/Katherines, not good or bad morality.

    The game makes this pretty clear, but I keep hearing commentaries on how people aren't sure how the morality system works. You can't be nice to both C/Katherines or you'll perpetually be stuck in the middle. You need to choose which one you're going for which effectively makes you act like a douche to the other. I wonder if there is a 3rd neutral ending. I'm locking myself out of any media on this game that would reveal such.

    I love listening to Garnett and the crew because they usually talk more in depth about why they like or don't like games by really getting into the mechanics or discussing the meta-content that games contain. When they make misnomers or inaccurate statements (Garnett called Vincent, Trevor) I don't blame them. They are busy and can't fully immerse themselves in every game they play. It does bring to mind, however, how having to blast through games affects one's enjoyment or ability to effectively comment on games.

    Weekend Confirmed Crew, what games do you wish you could slow down and smell the roses in to fully appreciate and enjoy what they have to offer?