Supremacy MMA coming to Vita

You'll be able to bloody up opponents on the go this fall, as publisher 505 Games has announced that Supremacy MMA will be coming to the PlayStation Vita this fall. Kung Fu Factory promises this version will sport exclusive fighters, venues, and unannounced extra features on the handheld platform.

"Supremacy MMA takes MMA where it's never gone before, with unprecedented brutality and arcade speed, and now it's headed for another new frontier as the sole MMA game to go to a handheld in 2011," said 505 president Ian Howe in the announcement.

"The arcade-styled gameplay is perfectly suited for quick handheld sessions, and the game looks amazing on Sony's hot new tech."

The announcement didn't mention a release date, but the game is scheduled for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on September 20. Seeing as the PS Vita doesn't have a date yet, it seems unlikely that 505 will manage to release on all three platforms simultaneously. Here's a look at what the console version will be like:

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