Battlefield 3 Battlelog social network detailed

Battlefield 3's Battlelog has now been given its full and proper unveiling, after developer DICE inadvertently revealed, then tried in vain to un-reveal, images of the shooter's social network last week. It's a bit like Facebook, with more face-shooting and statistics, see. The Battlelog is a social network with friends lists, messaging and all that malarkey, along with a bevy of face-shooting-specific features. It'll report users' character progression, unlocks and performance, and offer "full stats tracking for every shot fired and every action performed in your Battlefield career." It's all centered around the Battlefeed, a Facebook Wall-like entry point which shows what your chums have been up to recently in Battlefield 3, along with messages and whatnot. "The feed will encourage people to play even more," producer Fredrik Loving explained. "They will see their friends ranking up, receiving awards they don’t have yet, or getting the new cool guns they have been missing. It will increase the competitive edge. Everything you do on the battlefield is shared amongst your friends." Battlefield 3 is headed to PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on October 25. US retailer GameStop has claimed that it won't be available on Steam, but neither Valve nor Electronic Arts will say what's going on.

The Battlefield 3 Battlelog