PlayStation Vita avatar video chat demoed

With two cameras built into the PlayStation Vita, technologies like video chat and facial recognition are almost assumed to be built into the hardware. At the developer-oriented Game Tools & Middleware Forum in Tokyo, Sony showcased Vita's facial recognition software with a rather interesting tech demo:

Much like Avatar Kinect on Xbox 360, the Vita is able to transform a human speaker into a fully animated avatar in real-time. While the tech isn't quite perfect--as evidenced by the irregular blinking of the female avatar--it's a rather impressive feat, especially coming from a handheld device.

The notion of speaking to others as a cartoon character is simultaneously novel and unnerving. Although just a tech demo, it's entirely plausible that Sony will implement this into Vita when it releases, especially as it provides a level of anonymity to video chatting.

(via Siliconera)