Bungie awards fans blue flames for Halo Reach

"This marks the final moments of our involvement with the Halo franchise," a recent Bungie blog details. "And you've been with us through thick and thin. We really couldn't have done it without you. So, as we prepare to become fans of the Halo franchise we created on the eve of its 10th anniversary, we wanted to offer you something to demonstrate just how much you've impacted us and the games we've made."

With Microsoft's Halo 4 announced at E3, it seems like an appropriate time for Bungie to figuratively pass the torch, especially as the coming weeks promise a first look into the team's next big thing: Bungie Aerospace, a project that has been surprisingly well-hidden.

To commemorate Bungie's departure from the Halo franchise, the company is giving away Blue Flames and Bungie Nameplates for use in Halo Reach. These items were formerly used to identify official Bungie employees, but that function is no longer necessary. "Now, they are a symbol of our thanks, marking you as both a loyal fan, a cherished community member."

In order to get the Blue Flames, you'll simply need to log-in to Bungie.net and link your Gamertag. You can also register from the Bungie Mobile app on iOS. Registration ends on Bungie Day, July 7th.