LA Noire 'Nicholson Electroplating' DLC trailer

LA Noire is getting a brand new case next week, June 21st. The "Nicoholson Electroplating Disaster" is, like many of the other cases in the game, based on real-life events. However, Rockstar notes that while most of the cases are based on "relatively obscure crimes," this caper was a "major national headline." Taking place during the Arson Desk arc, Cole will have to investigate the O'Connor Electro-Plating plant, which exploded early in 1947. This may make for the most dramatic backdrop of any of LA Noire's cases. For a good idea of what to expect, you should check out this brief new trailer:

BOOM video 9509

The single case will cost $3.99. However, you might want to pick up the "Rockstar Pass" instead, which includes this mission, along with three others, for a discounted price of $9.99. The deal will expire soon, so it's best you act quickly.