Sony announces PlayStation-branded 3D monitor and glasses

Sony has just announced a surprising piece of hardware at its pre-E3 conference. Continuing to make a push for 3D, Sony is now offering users a chance to enter the 'future' of gaming at an "affordable" price by revealing a PlayStation-branded 3D monitor and 3D glasses.

The 24-inch monitor will be available in a bundle for $499.99 and include a six foot HDMI cable, Active 3D glasses, and a copy of Resistance 3. Additional glasses will be available for $69.99 and are designed to work with other 3D monitors. The bundle is scheduled for this fall.

Sony's Jack Tretton also announced the monitor has the ability to display two different images to two users playing the game with 3D glasses, allowing two players to have their own view on the same monitor. That's one monitor with the ability to show two different views on the same screen via the active shutter glasses. It sounds like witchcraft, and we're interested in hearing more.