Sony announces PlayStation Suite-compatible tablets

Sony unveiled two new tablets at an event in Tokyo this morning, and both will make use of the company's recently announced PlayStation Suite. Each is an Android 3.0 device, as well as wifi and 3G/4G compatible.

They're code-named the S1 and S2 for now, though we're sure Sony will give them more marketable nicknames before they hit stores this fall. The S1 is the 9.4-inch standard tablet shape, while the S2 is a clamshell with two 5.5-inch displays. The S2's screens can work in tandem for Web site displays, or separately to (for example) watch a movie on the top screen while controlling it from the bottom screen.

The announcement isn't surprising, since Sony mentioned tablets during its presentation of the Suite. The move is meant to bring PlayStation content to Android devices through a dedicated PS Store, which will sell PSOne classics. Syphon Filter, Wild Arms, MediEvil, and Cool Borders 2 have all been mentioned, and we see a snippet of Crash Bandicoot in the tablet teaser video.